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Friday, August 6, 2010

An NYC kinda boy, in Ontario, Toronto Canada

As I sit here in Starbuck in downtown Toronto, getting my inner Carrie Bradshaw on, I think what an amazing opportunity this is for me to explore and just to get to go out and venture. this is the first time i have ever been somewhere alone before, a complete stranger to the land, culture, and environment , yet im hungry to find out. did you know outside of India, Canada has the largest Indian population in the world? I already have directions to the underground mall, 2 huge farmers markets, dinner reservations at the Skytop, which is there only rotating restaurant by Niagara Falls, and 2 bars in mind. I think i will stumble into some fun. it would have been even crazier with my dream team, but I'm a big boy, I can do it all alone, and still have fun. and besides the kind of person I am, I'm sure I will run into something or another chatty, social someone lol! This will be on adventure I shall not turn down.

These few hours I've been here have already been filled with beauty and calmness. totally different then my usual, gym class, warm up's, then home to shower and go straight to work. I realized somewhere along the way i forgot to appreciate my mornings and enjoy it, as mother nature intended for me to gaze upon her beauty. Upon wakening up this morning, it was utterly amazing. I awakened on the bay just as the sun started to peak, while the wildlife in the bay was basking in mother nature's glory. Talk about a picture perfect, storybook way to start a vacation. You know, a guy can get use to this.I love how there so healthy over here, there is a fresh market or store like on every corners!  Something's telling me i'll be inspired and will be writing more guys... Time to start my morning...but first a taxi to my hotel suite...One thing Canada is lacking over here which can drive a New Yorker crazy, lol!

XoXo until next time!

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