You have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you have and remember what you had. Learn to forgive but never regret. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret! People change, things go wrong just remember life goes on!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Bitterend Presents.. Melodie Nicholson & Soulgasm

Live, at The Bitterned End Presents The remarkable Melodie Nicholson and Soulgasm... and Ooh boy did they deliver!

It's a little before 10 pm on this Indian summer of a Saturday evening... as much anticipation fills the intimate affair as the crowd is anticipating what they have been in dyer need to see for months on end.. it's the Return of  Melodie and Soulgasm, and the wait was well worth it.

The band is in place, the beautifully and amazingly talented background vocalist trio Angela Wint, Crystal Joy and Matia Washington all took there mark. All three women draped in chic form fitting black attire, sexy pumps, a killer smile, while exuding this energy which screamed they were ready to give you there all. Equipped with killer vocals, great delivery and an arrangement which will make you quicker at first listen, these ladies were ready to perform.

As the moment builds and everyone is on nerves end awaiting to be musically tamed, in walks the svelte, sultry, sexy seductress herself, Melodie Nicholson. Presented in a sexy little number, only to be matched with sparkly pumps, the mistress of the night kicked of her high octane show with a bang declaring to the world her moment had arrived and she was indeed a Rockstar. As she covered "Rockstar 101" as made famous by Rihanna. Her energy was transcending, her stage present was key, her awesome band and background vocalist were definitely feeling the music, and it all meshed well! being there you just knew you were in store for something special.

After she jammed her way through that number, she went into an original piece titled "Bonnie & Clyde" which was also had an up tempo beat, which allowed to keep the flow and energy up.

Ms. Nicholson then slowed it down and became a little more intimate and personal with the audience, she made sure we were having a great time.

As Melodie delved into chapters written from pages of her life, acted out through music, she began singing her piece titled " He Said', followed by "Dear John" and even more so crowd favorite called "Labels!"

Labels, with its killer beat, great hook, and catchy yet thought provoking lyrics it's clear to see why so many people love this song. We learn "Labels" as she simply expresses: Is about lack of or no communication in a relationship, where it brings you to that point were you're simply tired of it and over it! You can't argue with that, especially when that's self evident and important in every relationship.

Upon conclusion of this segment, the sultry songstress plunged her audience into another musical realm and showed she too can mix it up to give you range and various arrangements, as she showcased in her cover of "Need you Bad," made famous by Jazmine Sullivan. However, unlike the original version, I actually enjoyed this version a whole lot and could actually listen to it more then once.

As time slips by, the band jams on, Melodie & her backgrond trio continue to please the musical gods, she shares more of her life lessons, and her personal journey with us. Melodie evokes a lot through music, and gives it to you bare and untamed with songs like " Complicated," "Ex," "Mile high club," and a favorite of mine titled " Muse Sick," pronounced music. If music has taught us anything, it showed us what better way to get over turmoil ,situations, and past relationships then to form then into words, and belt them out in front of a live audience, to declare "I am over it and I have moved on!

Just when you thought the night could not get any better, Melodie decides to bring up the incomparable Jonathon Victorian up to the stage, so they can cover a duet From Tweet ft Bilal called "Best Friend!" Even the hearing impaired would have to agree this duet was enough to make you go to musical heaven, check in and never want to leave again. Between their vocal arrangement, chemistry, seductive keys, proper use of rifts directly leading into a run and lets not forget about the falsetto. This feature was something you had to be there to witness, which they should before on a nightly basis.

Onto something a little less heart heavy shall we. This time the audience, we find ourselves smack dab, in the middle of the "Circus!" Big Mama Muzic Melodie and her background trio sings this song for the "KIDS," and it was filled with tricks, and dips. We find out her song "Circus" is mainly based upon men and the silly little lies they tell. a favorite piece of the lyrics say "I went to the store.. lost my wallet and my phone, met a man with 1 hand and he drove me home......all apart of the Circus!"

Melodie went for broke belting out to the raptures above while singing songs like "Prototype," "I love You," and "I've changed,' making sure she gave you everything she had and put it out there. However retaining just enough left for her to close the show with her signature trademark song titled "THICK!"

The audience started singing before she did, can you tell it's a crowd pleaser! With lyrics like "Let a thick girl take you to heaven. 40-36-47. Why we always got so much to prove. Thick girls can do what skinny girls can do. Now feed me I ain't lying, I ain't lying .." how could you not stand up and join the group in rejoicing by showing off your curves, while jamming to this sinfully delicious tune from Melodie and the Soulgasm.

No matter if you were already a fan, a new fan, there to join a friend, or wanted to see what Melodie & the Soulgasm was all about, you left The Bitterend on Bleecker St in NYC intoxicated by her voice, and wanted to here more from this singer. Once Big Mama Melodie was done tantalizing the audience and singing for the musical gods above she made sure you were panting for more. I'm sure she acquired more fans that night, with people flocking to her to find out where they can purchase her music and find out more about the singer.

Her music is relatable and thought provoking, her tunes are catchy, and she displays her art which makes you appreciate a female vocalist who's not afraid to take changes and get gritty and "real" with you. Welcome to her world, prepare to be in awe, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Melodie and the Soulgasm coming to a venue near you. For more information on this artist you need to know, you can follow her on twitter @BigMamaMuzik 

*Pictures provided by P. Murray!
A review by Sean Williams

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Is this a dream?"

This one is dedicated to the ex and my future!

Pieces of you still lingering around, running amuck without making a peep, a whisper or even a sound. Tried to erase, tried to replace, someone staring back into the same reflection, same script, different cast.. T he wise man must wonder "Is this a Dream?"

The essence of you dance around my inner most private thoughts, leaving nothing untouched! As you tinker & meddle around there with your bare, raw, sizable hands leaving every inch of my brain feeling nostalgic and confused, like it's clarity was your playground and you just ran straight through it. is it the sincerest part of your untamed soul i want to touch, or is it the fiery feast of the beat you call a brain I want to tame? Maybe it's the wicked desire dancing around your eyes like a scantily clad fairy dancing with the devil's fire which makes me urn for more.?

.. Still even without you being here: i feel you, i sense you, i taste you... again I think to himself is this a dream?

Two shadows standing side by side, then intertwined,, in synch by the magnetic pulse which electrify our senses and draw us near... One never overcastting the other, it

always in perfect synchronization until nightfall beseeched her dark grey skies above our plain. leaving one to look around and see the shadows nevermore, until the sunshine brings back the every so happy ending for this punch drunk love fairytale once again... Will this nightmare ever end? Will this unfold to be my sweet dream or is this just a beautiful nightmare? can this be real? Maybe a dream within a dream?

Maybe it was the essence of your presences, or the ideology of what you portrayed to be which made the dream that more enchanting? Long and behold the key to our flourishing future of 'What could be" in a world filled with 'what if's 'was tainted by your absenteeism, cynicism, and selfish demeanor you portrayed which eventually aided the end!

Little lost boy hanging there with your held propped down, standing there disoriented ,left muted, listening for a response as silence fills the air and bellows through the empty room filled with nothing but puddles from the sobbing widowed!

As the silence is becoming deafening, he realized more then just the illusion died that night! To with the demise of someone he thought he was into perished, so did the fantasy clad nightmare, the presence of him, and his shadow as well. As the lost boy watches how the once in sync souls become a melody of a duet...then mutates back into a Solo left to face the music. He yell's.. but nothing comes out.. he weeps, yet feels no pain, he hates but cant emote or transcribe to words.. one has to think is this still a dream...

Tough roads endured, put back together with the sense of now and the stride to be happy, sunnier days welcomed and swayed away the dark and lonely nights. Taught and reassured by a vision of perfection with grace and beauty ! Who upholds honor, truths, and integrity. dedicated to happiness, while looking to grow and evolve into something more. Cut from a rare bread, standing out from the mediocre and timid.. does this mere mortal of a god exists? Once little boy lost, who now transitioned into a man taught by lessons learned, mistakes made, and new growth once again finds that all too familiar place of blurring the two realms. Realty or a Dream. My realty is a dream uncluttered by self doubt an motivated by success without being too afraid of failure, while perception is a blind 50/50.... so assessing the situation again one has to ask is this all just another dream?!......

Reassuring one day you will be tangible~~~~

 ~Still lost in translation yet with more clarity & enjoying the adventure~~ XoXo