You have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you have and remember what you had. Learn to forgive but never regret. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret! People change, things go wrong just remember life goes on!

Monday, March 29, 2010

F*CK you, hear me roar!

Like B said " i lay alone at night sorrow fills my eyes yet im not strong enough to cry, despite my disguise, im left with no shoulder but everyone wants to lean on me, i guess im there soulder, who's going to save the hero, when I'm left here all alone, and crying out for help, after I save the world, I've given too much of myself know it's driving me crazy , I'm crying out for help, sometimes I wish someone would just come and save me, save me from myself!

I kind of scratched this one out of my head a few days ago.... im a writer, a creative thinker, someone who likes to push the vague obscure lines with serious rated R undertones in my writing, yet im quite fragile and emotional when it comes to my shit.... I think I have to many channels flowing through MY mind, yet my hands are not quite fast enough to translate the creative expression which come free flowing. conformities, (bullshit) censorship, boundaries, fuck you, you two bit cheating hussy.....these are my jumbled up, crazy, twisted,

So, as I was in another "session" the other day, just enjoying the moment and letting my inner earth child be at one, I realized, in general is really fucked up right about now... im better off then most, but far off the radar from some..... my financial status, is well, but one can never have too much, am I suppose to be happy being middle class, yes but no, money makes the world go around and it's sad to say but nothing in life is free, even love, it's costly, painful and hurts like 10 bitches beating up the special kid in class, however at the same time like Vivian said it's the best gift in the world...ugh insert sigh, that's a whole other can of worms, but more about my non existent love life in a little while. my job, love it., yet im one never to get too complacent if something better happens by me making further moves, of course im jumping ships, im always looking to expand my horizon... my emotional well being, I kid you know these days im so bipolar it's not even funny. my random ass of a rollercoaster mood swings are getting a little worrisome to me, at first I just figured it was because of the stress and outside influences, i.e. people and there bullshit I have to deal with, but usually im really great at just adjusting and keep pumping, walking to my own beat, yet I'm think an acumination of things are finally starting to build up and bubble over! As I sip on this good drink!

I think im tired of pleasing others or trying to please others and getting fucked over ( and not in a good way) to many times by people whom I love or claim they love me! And u why im so private and have a hard time opening up! Simple people keep your enemies close because u know they don't like you, yet keep your friends even closer b/c they know how to hurt you the most!" I figure the less I open up, the less ammo you have to turn and use against me!

I think some mistake my niceness as a signed of weakness! I think many people today lost sight on humanity and humility, and compassion for there fellow man. Is it true nice guys finish last? Most say Yes, but I say hell fucking no.... because in the end im going to be left still standing, a survivor, stronger then before and with my equal (s)... I've learned the harder you work for something and the harder to strive to make things happen, the sweeter the reward and it truly will be more fulfilling. I think I need to start living for me, and putting ME first, I want to have that "fuck you" attitude which apparently everyone else has, but that s not kewl, and that's just not me... I need to stop just going with the flow of things, I think it's time I start creating a few rip tides and cause a few waves, you know shake things up just a bit... not in a deliberately malicious way, just to let people know, I have something to say, instead of just thinking I'm a passerby! a wise bumper sticker says " Stop fucking complaining and start a revolution!" I love Me some Me, know if only we can change that Me to an us or we lol! but that's another post to follow...

Need to fix me another drink brb...still lost in translation yet not quite toked enough to lose my way!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food for thought~~

I am the thinker that creates the thoughts that create the things. There are no circumstances around you more powerful than the power within you. You are responsible for your life through your consciousness. Racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism have no power over you unless you believe they do. A belief is the most contagious influence you possess. If you believe in circumstances, they can and will defeat you. If you believe in yourself, you are assured victory. There is a wonderful inner world at work within each of us. It knows no color, gender or age. We fuel this inner world within initiative, ingenuity and a picture in our minds. The world responds and produces according to how we fuel it. If we picture poverty, oppression, failure, disease and doubt, we cannot expect to enjoy wealth, success and health. When we put the forces of our inner self to work with good thoughts, it will produce according to our system of ideas. If we can keep our inner world clean, fertilize our minds with productive positivity, the power within will create, with dynamic force, all that we believe is possible."


...still lost in translation yet grooving to the melodies as i march to the beat of my own drum~~ XoXo until next time~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~~~Passions Manifesto~~~

Something so minor starting off as lust, burned into a desire, over taken by love, and the insatiable thirst for it all... damn let's call this tale of lust, love and desire. passions manifesto.

It was a troublesome tricky vertical dance, laced with innocence mixed with dyer alluding sexuality and the appreciation of the male form, quickly turned into an intense game of two men dancing around the forbidden dance, trying to out wit and out play the other, not knowing the other one has the same intensions just with two different strategies.

Tired of trying to escape the attraction, not wanting to pass on the now, getting weary from dancing around the inevitable not chancing to give up on what could be, finally allowing there flirtatious ways get the best of started of as a wink, then came the smile, here comes the touch, which leads to caressing of the physique, hands roaming freely leaving no single part of the body untouched nor unexplored. A quick peck, followed by another, followed by tongues being introduced, then used to get acquainted with the other parts.. teeth come into play a nibble here and there as one remained pinned down by a strong hold against his neck. there just getting started but this is clearly passion manifesto

The aroma of hot flesh being adjourned together fills the chilled air, entangled into one mound of burning desire, yearning for the next touch, the next lick, itching for another bite, begging to be held ever so tight, searching for more.

  Pure passion mixed with the allure of fire, and a hint of rage beaming from our eyes, entangled with love which curbs all the doubt and hesitation, because it feel....Oooo so right..... gazing into one another eyes, seeing the dance of love beating to the rhythmic sounds & melodies of our bodies as one, trying to perform and contort to the endless positions shared between us... our sweat drenched, sun kissed brown skin bodies barely being we both try to steal another look to see each other's face in the dim, candlelit room using the shards of light reflecting off our naked, warm, intimate parts...

Momentary silence fills the room, only to be disturbed by the bellowing sounds of loud moans getting more verbose, louder and louder, our bodies in sync adjusting to the others rhythm, losing all sense of control and letting our parts establish there own language! talking and responding to the sounds of thrusting and pulling, pounding, and licking, one sound louder then the last, speeding up almost at their peak, looking to cum and moan at the same time leaving each other completely satisfied.. no this isn't fucking.. it's more to's filled with passion, and intensity, sensuality, touching each other oh so delicately yet with just enough brute force and strength to make even the strongest man succumb to their bodies thirsty desires.... see this isn't just sex this is passion manifesto...

Awakened by a breeze & noise stirring in the background, trying to pry from his lucid stage all while feeling the aftermath of his session, just to find no one there. Looking around in a frantic panic, trying to figure out what happened, dazed and confused yet yearning for more... the bite marks left still visible upon him, the scratches he feels on his skin, as sweat engulfed his entire body, he can still taste it on his tongue.... thinking was it just a dream??...could this not have been real??....thinking to himself it's had to be as doubt settle in, ...just to be reassured from the tall, dark and masculine man approaching him from behind out of total darkness saying " no baby it was real, it was damn real, it was simply passions manifesto"

I hope you guys enjoyed, there's more to come shortly, and many apologies for the lack of writing over the past 2 weeks., much has happened and I have plenty to say as I continue traveling on this journey, so I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did the experience, with much left to be discussed!

~Still lost in translation yet knowing I am stronger then my yesterdays!~ XoXo until next time ~