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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Breaking the Gaydar" from the directors Our Tribe Films

With the recent influx of cyber bullying, intolerance, and misinformed truths being spread, it was only a matter of seconds before I lent a helping hand, in any way, shape or form I could. Fortunately, I was privileged to be apart of this documentary called "Breaking the Gaydar" being created by some very talented, inspiring up and coming directors and writers, who I have the esteemed pleasure of knowing. Together these 3 powerful women make up Our tribe Films, a name sure to be on the tip of peoples tongues shortly to come.

This is a snippet directly from the creators and cast of the upcoming documentary, "Breaking the Gaydar," (the debut project for Our Tribe Films) along with some special friends who help remind us that coming out is not easy and It does get better.

I hope you enjoy watching, and much as I did sharing. follow them on twitter as well @OurTribalFilms , these ladies will surely make an impact.