You have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you have and remember what you had. Learn to forgive but never regret. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret! People change, things go wrong just remember life goes on!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Is this a dream?"

This one is dedicated to the ex and my future!

Pieces of you still lingering around, running amuck without making a peep, a whisper or even a sound. Tried to erase, tried to replace, someone staring back into the same reflection, same script, different cast.. T he wise man must wonder "Is this a Dream?"

The essence of you dance around my inner most private thoughts, leaving nothing untouched! As you tinker & meddle around there with your bare, raw, sizable hands leaving every inch of my brain feeling nostalgic and confused, like it's clarity was your playground and you just ran straight through it. is it the sincerest part of your untamed soul i want to touch, or is it the fiery feast of the beat you call a brain I want to tame? Maybe it's the wicked desire dancing around your eyes like a scantily clad fairy dancing with the devil's fire which makes me urn for more.?

.. Still even without you being here: i feel you, i sense you, i taste you... again I think to himself is this a dream?

Two shadows standing side by side, then intertwined,, in synch by the magnetic pulse which electrify our senses and draw us near... One never overcastting the other, it

always in perfect synchronization until nightfall beseeched her dark grey skies above our plain. leaving one to look around and see the shadows nevermore, until the sunshine brings back the every so happy ending for this punch drunk love fairytale once again... Will this nightmare ever end? Will this unfold to be my sweet dream or is this just a beautiful nightmare? can this be real? Maybe a dream within a dream?

Maybe it was the essence of your presences, or the ideology of what you portrayed to be which made the dream that more enchanting? Long and behold the key to our flourishing future of 'What could be" in a world filled with 'what if's 'was tainted by your absenteeism, cynicism, and selfish demeanor you portrayed which eventually aided the end!

Little lost boy hanging there with your held propped down, standing there disoriented ,left muted, listening for a response as silence fills the air and bellows through the empty room filled with nothing but puddles from the sobbing widowed!

As the silence is becoming deafening, he realized more then just the illusion died that night! To with the demise of someone he thought he was into perished, so did the fantasy clad nightmare, the presence of him, and his shadow as well. As the lost boy watches how the once in sync souls become a melody of a duet...then mutates back into a Solo left to face the music. He yell's.. but nothing comes out.. he weeps, yet feels no pain, he hates but cant emote or transcribe to words.. one has to think is this still a dream...

Tough roads endured, put back together with the sense of now and the stride to be happy, sunnier days welcomed and swayed away the dark and lonely nights. Taught and reassured by a vision of perfection with grace and beauty ! Who upholds honor, truths, and integrity. dedicated to happiness, while looking to grow and evolve into something more. Cut from a rare bread, standing out from the mediocre and timid.. does this mere mortal of a god exists? Once little boy lost, who now transitioned into a man taught by lessons learned, mistakes made, and new growth once again finds that all too familiar place of blurring the two realms. Realty or a Dream. My realty is a dream uncluttered by self doubt an motivated by success without being too afraid of failure, while perception is a blind 50/50.... so assessing the situation again one has to ask is this all just another dream?!......

Reassuring one day you will be tangible~~~~

 ~Still lost in translation yet with more clarity & enjoying the adventure~~ XoXo

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