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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love Jones @Greenhouse NYC 08.18.10 review

Classy and decadent, Greenhouse NYC in SoHo is unrivaled in the New York scene. Uniquely designed and eco friendly throughout, the venue is an ultra sexy chic lounge, with decadent decor, and a top shelf bar. Given its relatively small in space ,the atmosphere definitely promotes some skin-to-skin action,the place boast a booming sound system coupled with extraordinary service, places Greenhouse NYC amongst good company pertaining to thee place to be in NYC on any given night.

This past Wednesday true music lovers were fed a soulful, upbeat, amazing few selections of ear pleasing music, art, and fashion coupled as "Love Jones." Just one of the spawns created by Joey Harris, held every third Wednesday of the month at Greenhouse NYC.

The show seams to grow stronger each and every time, and this one did not disappoint, even some of the harshest critics would have been pleased, including myself. Live music, entertainment, fashion and art is something I hold in the highest regard, and this showcase satisfied my never ending thirst of delectable , passionate performances from the always amazing, mistress of words, the sultry Lydia Caesar, to the suave vocal arrangement from the James A Natural, Cori, and J Harris, to the delicious diva's of the hour such as Jayms Madison, Devin, & Tiffany Stevenson. This venue was filled with some of the hottest talent New York has to offer.

The show started in high octane style with the band giving us hella Funk, then Joey aka J- Harris taking center stage and welcoming us to the venue as only knows how. First up was the spunky M.C. herself Nemiss paired with Adam Shank performing together a favorite "That thing" by Lauryn Hill. the two clearly had two very distinct styles which showed throughout there meshed performances, but a good pairing nonetheless. From her cute pleated a line skirt and low V neck white blouse with pearls and heels to match complimented his Justin Timberlake-esq look. To me the highlight of this segment came from Nemiss herself as she went into a reggae infused rendition of the song towards the ends, which suited her style. Up next we were introduced to Shara, who to us back to an "Empire state of mind" by Jay-z & Alicia keys. A good crowd pleasing song choice for her, probably not the best, but she made it her own and delivered a good rendition. She helped remind the crowd why we love NY soo much, with the assistacet of Nemiss. And just in case you were wondering , yes the theme of the night was "Duets of Love!"

Always two of my favorite singers to watch, and here Cori & Devin were up next. There two voices are just perfect for each other. They both can "throw-down" on the microphone, but when these two are together, yes it's definitely a problem Cori & Devin smoked the stage with there cover of "Until the end of time" by Justin and Beyonce. They continue to mature and grow, all while allowing the crowd to join them on the bliss filled musical quest they embark upon.

Up next is J-Harris as he entertains the crowd with his cover of "Lately" by the musical genius himself Mister Stevie Wonder with the help of Danni. In my years of searching for enjoyable, true, good live music there are about 5 different artist you can always turn to for a good turnout and to win the crowd over. and yeah you guessed it, doing a Stevie wonder song definitely is upon that list, especially with a cover of "Lately."

As this segment wraps up, and we start the second segment which kicks off with a paring of Bryan and Jaime Noelle singing "Georgy porgy" as made famous by Eric Benet and Faith. These two did their homework and gave us vocals, stage presence, and nice chemistry.

This next act by far was one of the two highlights of the show for me. The gifted Tiffany Stevenson and soulful James A-Natural murdered and set the stage blazing afire with there version of "Nothing even Matters" by Lauren Hill. From their chemistry, to the vocal pairing, to the rift, runs, and pitch this showed off what a duet should entail and display. Not afraid to showoff there range and control, these two are going to be a name to remember within the industry. Paired together or singing acapella at Harlem lanes these two can sang, not sing but sang, and there not afraid to throw down on the microphone and let you hear it.

In the company of the gifted and sexy Ms. Jazmine Sullivan, another up and coming artist named Ant Taylor gave the crowd a nice helping of his energy, word play and catchy tune called "I love you too." He reminds me of a Kanye protégé, with his whole skit, and I mean that in a good way. Not sure the crowd knew who he was, but after that performance I bet he has a lot of people asking "who is Ant Taylor?"

718 hit the stage, and they definitely had a few fans in the audience, who already knew who they were. It took me a while to get into these guys, however the end result was pleasing.

The seductive, and melodic deliciousness know as Jayms Madison hit the stage next, and boy did she. She treated the crowd to a few of her singles "Room Service" and my favorite "Detox.". She serves up a tasty array of vocals, stage presences, an her sultry subtle movements only adds to her allure. Not only was she doing double duty of hosting and performing but she served a fierce wardrobe displaying about 5 different attire's throughout the night, as only as a true diva would.

The man of the hour himself J-Harris is up next performing a few of his own selections, after being introduced by his father. Joey, started of with a crowd please version of "Butterflies" by Michael Jackson. And I have to admit, I'm a bit impartial to his song. Every since I heard the amazing songstress, Ms. Marsha Amborsius sing this song live, it will forever be bestowed in my heart and I look forward to hearing others follow suite with there version of this song. After "butterflies" and Drake's "find your love" we get to hear some of his original pieces from J-Harris himself. He took the crowd on an enchanted ride with "Illusion Sin", "Make it up" and "I'm here'. Wrapping his set up by the ever so catchy tune "I got a feeling " by BEP and his smash of a hit "It's alright" a fast paced, catchy tune, which will have you dancing out your seats saying It's Alright. This guy showcased why he is in this industry and worked with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, pleasing the crowd in every way and having you await his next move.

The second biggest highlight of the night came from the astonishing Queens raised Lydia Caesar. Lydia was able to perform with such stage presence that seemingly invited the audience into the world of her own. Not your typical R&B bombshell, Lydia's soulful vocal ability and sultry voice are a force to be reckoned with especially when placed over live musical tracks. And yes if my memory serves me correctly, out of roughly 10,000 people, Lydia was one of the final 15 singers who auditioned for the first season of P. Diddy's Making the Band 2 on MTV. She set the crowd in a frenzy with her cover of Tina Turner's "simply the best" and had us in awe with her smash hit "Masterpiece" , which can be downloaded at for free. Ms. Caesar's vibrant, neck turning sense of style effortlessly gels vintage with Vogue's latest. The showed why she will continue to have longevity in this industry and allowing others to know you don't have to conform to day's "music stereotypes"

As we wrap up the love Jones experience we are carried out by the Love Jones theme song, and a great piece of poetry by Orlonda herself called "lie to me!'

Love Jones at Greenhouse NYC, is a showcase which offers something for everyone under one roof. from the seductive decor, to the arrangement, personable size, amazingly talented singers, dancers, poets, painters, fusionists, and all alike. This is clearly a staple in Soho, and looks likes it grows bigger and better each and every time. Mark your calendars boys and girls Love Jones happens every third Wednesday of each month and will be the place to be in SoHo!

Greenhouse NYC located at 150 Varick St, NY, NY. It appears SoHo has added onto another great venue not to miss!I'll see you at the next one, and stop by to say hi!!

~still lost in translation yet jamming to really good music along the way~ Until next time XoXo


  1. wow Sean....this review was amazing!!!! this definitely was a great night and I was glad to be a part of it!!!! look for the new single to drop 8/29!!!!

    ~A-natural (no james needed LOL)

  2. Fantastic review. I was there that night as well and your words took me back to every moment of the show. I look forward to reading more of your material.