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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greenhouse 07/14/10 NYC Recap Ft: kim, Mel, Dawn, B. Slade,J0harris & Etc.

These past few weeks NYC has seen it's fair share of music... not that mass produced, synthesized, marketing 101 alleged music, but actually good, earth shattering soulful music. Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Marsha Ambrosius just to name a few has graced us all in the Tri State area over the last few weeks. However the epitome thus far had to take place this Past Wednesday, July 14, at The Love Jones Experience at none other then Soho's jewel known as Greenhouse NYC. The decor was delightful, the ambiance was soothing & inviting, the crowd was quite NYC chic and the music was to decadent.

The show had quite a few twist and turns, and offered something for everyone, art in the making, fashion, dancing & amazing sounds of poetry, all backed up with a superior live band. The show started off with a bang with Danni Ai singing "Unlucky" directly into "Storyteller". Followed by Devin and & Lashonna performing " Black & Gold.' These two always bless the microphone every time I hear them, def should be one's to watch out in the future as well. Up next was Vassy, who gave us another vocal display, which was crowd pleasing, including her rendition of " What do you want from Me" an acoustic version of the song as made famous by Adam Lambert. Moving along, the crowd was treated to another performance from the thought provoking, boundary pushing, madame of words Nicole Lyrice. Her delivery, play on words, and enthusiasm can simply be said it's strictly for " the grown & Sexy

The next segment started with none other then Joey AKA J-Harris, another crowd favorite. This quite talented singer, dancer, and songwriter took the crowded to another level. He made us feel his journey, and made you feel the theme of the night, which was "Love! " From his version of "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay, to his song " Illusional Sin" to one of my favorite songs "April Showers' to finish up quite fittingly "I Gotta feeling" as made famous by Black Eyes Peas. J-Harris entertained the crowd from his array of vocal arrangements, his upbeat on key gyration in his hips, to the love he emotes for what he loves to do. and his background dancers added a nice touch

Just when you thought it was time to coast on already what has been a great show, the delectably talented, sinfully delicious, sultry mistress of the mic, New Jersey's own Melissa Musique took the stage. After the first rift which bellowed from the young Diva's mouth, the crowd knew we were all in for a treat. As she took the crowd to another plateau with her rendition of "Summertime" as made famous by many other artist like Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, and Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few. But this songstress didn't let that intimidate her, took the song and made it her own. This was my first time I ever heard this song performed only the way Melissa could, including a rocked out, fast paced ending, something which was quite unexpected yet undoubtedly welcomed. Miss. Musique is surely on track to being an influential fixture in the music realm, whom we come to love & appreciate.

Connecticut's own, Born to Diva contestant Dawn Tallman was up next, and if you haven't heard the name before, what rock are you sleeping under. This lady can sang, not sing but Saaang with the best of them, definitely gives you a Kelly price, or Deborah Cox, vibe with her powerful voice, and stunning rifts and runs. She has sung with many of artist like Patti, Chaka, Day 26, Stephanie Mills, Kim Burrell just to name a few. Dawn performed fittingly " Through the Fire" by Chaka Khan. And I think Chaka would have even given dawn and standing ovation.

Never one to disappoint, Seattle's own born & raised, yet New York polished Kimberly *Nichole owned the stage next. Kimberly, whose punch line is "the puffy-haired tower of power," was introduced. and after midway through her 1st song, ever agreed Tower of power is an understatement, Kim is like a little stick of dynamite. She can serve and deliver with the best of them, and what comes out her tiny frame is pure magical. She gave the crowd a treat performing "Dirty Diana" and her legendary version of "Crazy" as made famous b Gnarls Barkley. She sang her butt off all the whole moving her body to the rhythms of the music. And she closed with her version of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" which was amazing.

Last but not least in any way was the enigma himself, B. Slade the space-age leader of the rest of us space cadets and unicorns. He made the crowd vomit in our mouths as he dished out what I like to call " simply fabulous music" from his new cd Dawn O' the Unicorn. He took us on a enticing ride with his song titled "You', which he debuted at the last Love Jones Experience, and it didn't stop there. He clearly wasn't about to stop and wanted to please the crowd even further. B. Slade got sick with it, and delivered what i call sex in a bottle, for the grown and sexy of course via a track called "Parking Lot.. It's evident he likes playing with his prey, because he revived us again just to slaughter the crowd some more with his enchantingly haunting song titled "Love you Long Tyme," a song sure to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. B. Slade's already massive popularity is still growing- a fact proved by the continued success of his brilliant music. Just remember folks, he reflects an artist virtually bursting with ideas and sounds, all interesting, and leaves you anxious for the next helping.

If you're not jamming to Kimberly Nichole's "Yellow Brick Journey Reloaded" or B. Slades "Dawn O' the Unicorn, then your simply depriving yourself of really good music. These gifted women and men, are all a forces to be reckoned with, and clearly they're ready to allow there crafts & skills to do all the talking. If music helps cleanse the soul, then chil'e mine has been baptized in the Nile and blessed by the musical G*ds themselves. In the words of B. Slade.. Get into to it...TRICK...Work Damn It!!

I utterly hope you all enjoyed my works and posting, show sum love or email me what you think I should talk about next!

~Still lost in translation, but better equipped for the knowledge I'm about to receive~ XOXO Sean Williams

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