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Friday, October 1, 2010

Review of BSlade new cd "A Brilliant Catastrophe"... Get in2 It!

As is rains profusely, I awaken with a smile on my face and two beautiful beings at the other end of my phone discussing a few things. I am on a whole different plateau, because I realize it's 10/01/10, it really is B-Day.. BSlade that is.. as he descends to unleash his beautiful anointing labeled "A Brilliant Catastrophe"

Sitting here in the chamber listening to B Slade's new Album perfectly title " A Brilliant Catastrophe!" And it couldn't be summarized any better. Most of you may know the fearless leader from his previous years as Ton3x, and the new followers under his alter ego BSlade. It's amazing how mow much he embodies this persona and enthralls himself into it in every aspect, an alter ego, or true self?A person like me dare ask?! BSlade is lyrically gifted, and emotes through music which makes you listen and take notice. From his pitch, to his amazing arrangements, and lets not forget his falsetto followed by a run as his showcases his range effortlessly. All while serving you fabulousness, and the TRUTH.

At a first listen, I'm intrigued from the first note, as I play the project's title track called " A Brilliant Catastrophe!" If this in any indication of what the space cadets should expect, were in for a real treat. This track takes you on a journey to the early 90's with a 70's flare where music was real, multi facetted, and the artist actually had something to say. As BSlade slays and sings one of my favorite parts " I like hip hop. I like HIP-HOP ..Keep on moving don't stop by the hands of time....hip-hop: its been suffering.....let's get back to 'real' HIP-HOP…over melodious beats which is simply orgasmic and tantalizing. Music lovers prepare to be abducted and taken on a ride.

Just when you though it started with a bang, I was lucky enough to hear what heaven truly sounds like. BSlade should be prosecuted to the fullest extent, for the way he goes in on the track "Mighty Real!" I was DOA, nothing should ever be this damn good and legal. The way he gives you falsetto, pitch and showcases his range, while making it seam effortless as he channeled Sylvester should be a crime. This remake would make even the harshest critic give a stand ovation. This disco track is truly going to be blasting for years on end, and wait to you get to the 4:16 min mark, I almost ruined my carpet and peed my pants. The " KIDS" are going to gag on this one, perform flips, dips, and tricks, all while losing their pretty little minds. " Feel the spirit, it's in the air, it's everywhere, can't you feel it, you feel the love.." I know I feel it and baby I hope you guys are ready for this Next Level type music, this is strictly for the grown & sexy!

Next Track I was blessed to preview is titled "FREEDOM RING" and it's definitely an important self declaration of what is yours & yours for the taking: Freedom. And just in case you were wondering as he informs you, He doesn't need your approval! This track is like the finalizing chapter of his personal journey, where he is letting you know as he states" I got out.. free at last.. I'm free at last....No more manipulation. move out of my way, b/c I want my Freedom"! This song lyrically speaking sets a precedent on the direction BSlade's current project ventures into, and yes he does take it back to "church" on this cut. Freedom Rings touch bases on a lot of his journeying, and its defiantly not a track for the unintelligent. It makes you actually think about what's going on, and the message he conveys throughout the song, while the haunting lyrics "FREEDOM... Let freedom ring,' is taunting you in the background. this song is going to have quite a few people open there ears and minds & really pay attention!

"Going Away" plunges you into the fearless BSlade innermost thoughts. He doesn't hold back in this song, he spares nothing nor no one, and he leaves no stone untouched. This songs plunges the lyrical content even further as he serves up tangible truths, unfiltered with a nice tall glass of "STFU!" He allows you to access his heart, as he touches basis on his beloved Late father, his separation from church, a skewed inaccurate ideologies tainted w/ judgment, & as he states "I was introduced to this by you, so I'm a product of double standard institute." Decode it for your self, but this lyrical genius is at it again, delivering what he serves up the best.. THE TRUTH... His fans: past, present, and future space cadets will and should appreciate the real bareness of this song. It's stripped, It's unapologetic and it's beautiful, Get into it..

"Well, well, well, the day or reckoning is here.." as his next track "The Great Collapse" starts off. This track is quiet unexpected, and different for me. it's not too often when you have a chance to hear BSlade on a heavy Hip Hop influenced track, yet still keeping his own unique style and flare, all while making it work. He displays how he is a true artist by being a chameleon in the game. A true testament how versatility and longevity goes hand in hand. Bslade murders lyrics like "you don't have the right to crucify my humanity, desecrate my dignity, I'm a child of GOD, you cant handle my anointing...." over blaring beats, which gives the listeners a true hip hop vibe and feel. It reminds me of back in the day when artist were street hustling, and just going from neighborhood to neighborhood rhyming and creating music at the drop of a dime. If you had an issue with another MC, the beef stayed within the lyrical context of the battle and never got out of hand. The track is definitely a throwback with a BSlade twist! One of my favorite subtle added perks happens as he screams as only BSlade can do "The Great Collapse" trying to outdo his previous note! He asked you earlier, what happened to hip hop, I guess this is his part in making a declaration to bring back real Hip Hop.

To all the unicorn and space cadets, "what you see is what you get, let them know this is YOU, it's the way GOD made me.. " Words BSlade clearly lives by himself. You cant help but to take notice of this musical masterpiece, by the lyrically genus himself!

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Stick around, this is only the beginning, more updates and reviews to follow shortly from his new cd titled "A Brilliant Catastrophe" which drops TODAY... 5pm ESt / 8 pm PST...

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